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Canned Doteyaki ( Beef Sinew Stewed in Miso and Mirin)

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Product Features

An original dote-yaki canned product originally developed by the canning bar “mr.kanso” that is available nationwide. Osaka’s famous canned dote-yaki that makes you feel nostalgic! Stewed with sweet and spicy miso and bonito broth until the beef tendon has a toro-toro texture. The flavor of miso, the sweetness of the meat, and the richness come together to create a rich taste.
Sprinkle with onions or shichimi if you like.

It is also ideal as a side dish for sake and rice, and can be easily enjoyed at home.
It also has a best-by date of 3 years, so it is recommended as a preserved food that you can eat deliciously.

Description of item
Product name Canned Doteyaki
Internal capacity 160g
Sell ​​by 3 years from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name Beef streaks, konjac, mixed miso, (wheat, rice, soybeans, salt), sugar, soy sauce, mirin, fermented seasonings, flavor seasonings (salt, sugars (lactose / sugar), flavor ingredients (bonito powder, bonito extract) ), Yeast extract) / Sake spirit, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (some include dairy ingredients, wheat, beef, soybeans)
Preservation method After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible.

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