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Canned Inago Kanroni (Grasshopper)
いなご 甘露煮

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The crispy texture and traditional Kanroni are delicious.

It is a local food representing Shinshu. It is finished with traditional seasoning as it is left as it is.
In the local area, it is boiled locusts with a nostalgic taste that has been popular for a long time.

In order to enjoy the texture, we dare to process the feet and feathers while they are attached.
The texture is similar to a shelled shrimp, and it has a crispy texture.

The taste is a sweet and spicy seasoning with ginger.
Other than that, there is no habit of taste or smell peculiar to locusts, and it is very delicious unlike the appearance.
There are no preservatives or chemical seasonings in the ingredients, and they are additive-free.

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