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Canned Simmered Oysters with Salt and Lemon

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Canned oyster pot with refreshing lemon

Hiroshima’s new specialty “Oyster Lemon Hot Pot” is canned.

We use lemons from Hiroshima, which is the largest producer of lemons in Japan.

Contains oysters, chicken, green onions, carrots and shimeji mushrooms. The texture of the vegetables remains firm. The taste of lemon is firm.


Description of item
Product name: Hiroshima oyster salt lemon pot

Ingredient names: oysters (produced in Hiroshima Prefecture), chicken, carrots, onions, shimeji, salt lemon (lemon juice, lemon juice, salt), lemon juice, starch, chicken bouillon, salt, spices / seasonings (amino acids), acidity Fees (including some wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, and chicken)

Contents: 150g

Best-by date: 3 years from manufacture

Seller: Yamato Foods Co., Ltd. 3-33-16 Koiosako, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City

Manufacturer: Marukane Foods Co., Ltd. 1295 Tada, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Nutrition facts label (per 150g): Energy 141kcal, protein 11.9g, fat 6.3g, carbohydrate 8.5g, salt equivalent 1.6g (* estimated value)


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