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Canned okonomiyaki
お好み焼缶詰 化粧箱入り(ソース・青さ付き)

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Is it natural in Osaka? !!

Eat with white rice without side dishes of okonomiyaki.
A scene that is commonplace in Osaka is packed in canned food.
It is such a canned food that you can enjoy the feeling of Osaka wherever you are.
“Canned okonomiyaki” contains two bite-sized okonomiyaki, making it a small snack or a dish.

Osaka is famous all over the country as the “city of food”.
“Canned okonomiyaki” sold at the souvenir shop in Osaka is gaining popularity as a handy souvenir.

“Oshiyaki canned food” was developed as a new specialty of Osaka.
The round and soft texture that is characteristic of okonomiyaki remains in the can.
In addition, a 3-piece set of (favorite sauce / sea lettuce / bonito bonito flakes) is included in the box, so you can enjoy authentic okonomiyaki.

Taste characteristics

Sprinkle cabbage that brings out the sweetness of okonomiyaki, and sprinkle with your favorite sauce, and add bonito flakes to remind you of authentic Osaka okonomiyaki.
A canned product with a soft and moist texture and a sweet dough that goes well with the sauce.

Description of item
Product name Okonomiyaki (with sauce and sprinkle)
Total amount of contents Okonomiyaki 50g x 2
sauce 30g
Kayaku (bonito bonito flakes 1g sea lettuce 0.1g)
Sell ​​by 300 days from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name Oshiyaki (cabbage, liquid egg, vegetable oil, tempura (wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, flavor seasoning (bonito extract, dried bonito extract, dried bonito, kelp extract), yeast extract, dextrin, protein hydrolyzate), wheat flour, squid , Denmin powder, egg white powder, yeast extract, fermented seasoning, yam powder, thickener (guar gum), processed starch, trehalose), sauce (vegetables / fruits (tomatoes, dates, onions, apples, etc.), sugars (grape sugar) Liquid sugar, sugar), brewed vinegar, amino acid solution, salt, sake spirit, soy sauce, spices, oyster extract, meat extract, yeast extract, kelp, protein hydrolyzate, dried bonito, thickener (processed starch, thickening polysaccharide) , Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigments), bonito flakes, (dried bonito), (Aosa), (some of the ingredients include eggs, soy sauce, chicken, pork, and thighs)
Preservation method After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible

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