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Canned Tamagoyaki

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Product features

Commitment to development. This world’s first canned omelet was realized in collaboration with Kyoto’s long-established store “Ki Yoshida”.

It is carefully baked using domestic eggs, but each roll is hand-packed and canned, and it looks delicious. Anyway, you can eat Kyoto-style authentic omelet rolls right after opening.

Please enjoy this authentic Kyoto-style dashi roll.


Description of item

Product name:  Tamago

Solid amount:  135g

Total amount of contents:  190g

Sell ​​by:  3 years from manufacture

Country of origin:  Japan

Raw material name:  Chicken egg, soup stock, fermented seasoning, starch, salt, dried bonito extract, water candy, seafood extract, yeast extract, kelp extract, soybean oil, modified starch, pH adjuster, seasoning (amino acid), glycine, sodium acetate (one of the raw materials) Includes wheat and dried bonito in the part)

Preservation method:  After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible.

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