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Canned Watashi Spicy Pork Ham

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Spicy pork

“Watashi Spicy Pork” is a spicy luncheon meat with Okinawan island pepper added.

In order to make the most of the attractiveness of the ingredients, we season them with salt and brown sugar from deep sea water.

We are particular about Okinawa prefecture, and we use pork from Okinawa, chicken from Okinawa, brown sugar from Okinawa, and island pepper from Okinawa.

You can enjoy it deliciously by baking the surface crispy in a frying pan. It can also be used for various dishes such as spam rice balls, bitter gourd chanpuru, stir-fried vegetables, stews, and curries.

Description of item
Spicy pork

● Product name: Spicy luncheon meat

● Ingredient names: Meat (pork (Okinawa prefecture), chicken (Okinawa prefecture)), potato starch (not genetically modified), salt, brown sugar, island pepper, pepper

● Contents: 200g

● Best-by date: 3 years from manufacture

● Seller: Okinawa Prefectural Product Corporation 1831-1 Oroku, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

● Manufacturer: Okinawa Hormel Ltd. Nakagusuku Village, Okinawa Prefecture 758 Toma

Nutrition facts label (per 100g): Energy 254kcal, protein 12.6g, fat 18.4g, carbohydrate 9.4g, salt equivalent 1.9g * This label is a guide.

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