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mr.kanso 特色罐头

Canned succon (rare part of whales)

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Nostalgic, sweet and spicy soy sauce flavor with ginger.

Su no Ko, a rare part of the whale.

Whale meat is high in protein, low in fat, and low in calories.

The texture of plenty of collagen is delicious.

Whale meat has been an ancient Japanese ingredient since the Jomon period.

Valuable ingredients that can only be taken from a whale


Features of the product

A whale is a valuable source of protein that has supported Japanese food culture that has continued since the Jomon period since ancient times. Currently, the amount of capture has decreased from international public opinion, and it has become a very valuable ingredient.
It seems that high protein, low fat and low calories are perfect for dieting. Even though it is more protein than pork and chicken, the fat is about half of chicken scissors. In particular, this part called Sunoko is full of collagen and you can expect a skin beautifying effect.

What is a rare part of whales, Sunoko?

The part called “Sunoko” is the ridge that corresponds to the shimashima of the stomach (the meat from the lower chin to the chest of the whale), and it is the red part inside the white fat. Sunoko is a valuable ingredient that can only get 3 to 5% from a whale.

※This canned whale is mainly purchased and processed as a by-product of survey predators that are suitable for food landing by survey celing.

The toro-toro texture with plenty of collagen is delicious.

Features of taste

The characteristic of Sunoko is marbled meat with firm fat. Compared to other parts of the whale, there is almost no habit of taste, and the sucson is seasoned with Yamato-ni, so you can feel the original taste of the whale softly.
Yamato-ni, which is seasoned and compatible with whales, is a taste of sweet and spicy soy sauce with a strong flavor of ginger, and is a nostalgic traditional taste for 50 years.
The texture is firm and chewy in the toro-to-ro texture with plenty of collagen.
Yamato-ni is an old-fashioned seasoning that is boiled sweet and spicy with soy sauce with sugar and ginger.
It’s a perfect dish not only as a side dish for rice, but also as a side dish for alcohol.


产品名称 Kujira Sunoko Yamato-ni
Solid mass 120g (※per can)
Total content 170g (※per can)
Shelf life 3 years since production
The manufacturer Kinoya Ishinomaki Fisheries Co., Ltd.
Name of raw material Bearded whale, sugar, soy sauce, starch, ginger, spices, agar (some of the ingredients contain wheat)
How to save After opening, transfer it to another container, put it in the refrigerator, and eat it as soon as possible.



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