mr.kanso Story

July 17

mr.kanso 1st store OPEN". Osaka City Minamihorie

A hut was built using the empty space in Minamihorie, Osaka, and drums were used instead of decorating the outer wall. Inside the store, shelves for original canned displays were set up, and canned foods were lined up throughout the store. Some of the shelves at that time are still used at the main store.
The audience seats are almost outdoors and are open spaces. Even on rainy days, some customers hold their umbrellas and drink outside. Surround the stove with a fan in the summer and the stove in the winter. It was supported by many customers.


After that, the commercial facility Canal Terrace Horie was constructed by development. Moved for a while and opened in Honmachi.

"Nijo Castle store OPEN"・ Near Nijo Castle, Kyoto City

To build a store that takes advantage of the atmosphere of Kyoto Machiya properties.

End of 2009

Started Recruiting
FC Stores

started recruiting franchise stores for canned bar mr.kanso.

mr.kanso Main Store Revival ~ To the birthplace ~ ・ Osaka City Minamihorie

Revived on the 2nd floor of Canal Terrace Horie, which was built along the river in Minamihorie! !! Mr.kanso Flagship store that boasts the largest shelves. There are about 350 types of canned food! Customers can enjoy canning and sake in the river view.

"Kanda store OPEN" ・ Opened the first store in Tokyo


"Tokyo Bay Makuhari store OPEN" ・ Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture

OPEN on the 1st floor of APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari. It is a shop with a calm atmosphere.

"First Original Canned Food Released"

Started selling canned omelette rolls (Tamagoyaki), A tie-up product with Kiyoshi Yoshida, a long-established store in Kyoto. Started selling canned omelette rolls.

"Another Original Canned Food Released"

Started selling canned Takoyaki. Commercialized canned takoyaki, a specialty of Osaka.

"Over 40 stores nationwide"

The number of Mr.Kanso stores has exceeded 40!!!!!

The first mr.kanso canned food bar in Taiwan was established

Hong Kong first mr.kanso canned food bar dining concept was established

"mr.kanso officially landed to Malaysia and Thailand "

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