About Canning

What is canning?

Convenient food with excellent long-term storage and portability!

Canned food is a convenient food that can be stored for a long period of time, is convenient to carry, and can be eaten immediately after opening.

Until canning

In the process of canning, the food is first seasoned, packed in aluminum or steel cans, and sealed.

It is then sterilized by heat treatment and cooled immediately to maintain quality. After that, it is packed and delivered to everyone.

Reason for long-term storage

The reason why canned foods can be stored for a long period of time is that they are sterilized by sealing and heating so that the cans are free of bacteria that spoil food.

Although it depends on the contents of the canned food, most of them have a best-by date of about 1 to 3 years, and recently, there are canned foods with a best-by date of 5 years, which are specialized for preserved foods.

No preservatives are included!

Many people think that canned foods can be stored for a long time because they contain preservatives, but this is a big misunderstanding. Most cans do not contain preservatives because they are sterilized and sealed for long-term storage.

It does not contain preservatives, so you should eat it early after opening the can. * Some of them contain preservatives due to the ingredients.

History of canning

Origin of canning technology

Napoleon, a French soldier who was active in the late 1700s and early 1800s, solicited ideas for preserved foods with a bounty to solve the military's food problems. In 1804, the French food processor Nicolas Appert developed a bottle that can be stored for a long time . At that time, the breakthrough was "heat sterilization after sealing." This was the origin of the long-term storage technology that continues to this day.

From bottled to canned

However, bottles had the drawback of being heavy and fragile, so in 1810 a person named Peter Durand of England invented the technology to put food in metal containers. This invention made it easy to store and carry food for a long period of time, and the prototype of the current canning was born.

History of Japanese canning

Japan's first canned food

The first canned food in Japan was made in Nagasaki in 1871 (Meiji 4). It is said that a person named Masanori Matsuda made a prototype of canned sardines (oil sardines) under the guidance of Frenchman Leon Dury.

Six years later, in 1877 (Meiji 10), Japan's first canning factory, "Hokkaido Hokkaido Ishikari Canning Factory," was established. Canned salmon was manufactured on October 10, the same year, and is considered to be Japan's first commercial canned product. As an aside, October 10th has been established as Canning Day to commemorate Japan's first canning day.

Development of the canning industry

After that, canned foods began to be produced industrially, and in the early Showa period, salmon, crabs, tuna, sardines, and oranges became canned foods and were exported overseas as important export products. became.

After 1955, the number of domestic products was increased, and various canned foods were delivered to us.

Improvement of deliciousness

In recent years, canned foods are no longer limited to preserved foods and are cheap and easy to eat as before. The taste of canned food has improved dramatically, and we are now in an era where we can enjoy canned food itself.

Each canning maker also sells a large number of canned foods that emphasize the ingenuity of taste and deliciousness. The main areas are the Meidi-ya delicious canned food series and the Kokubu canned food series . In addition, the Amanohashidate oil sardine series , which is domestically produced and sticks to manual work, is famous.

Rare canning ・ The world's first canning is a hot topic!

Then, rare canned foods and one canned food in the world appeared, and it came to attract attention.

Osaka's famous takoyaki canned food , okonomiyaki canned food , and authentic Kyoto-style canned dashi stock .

In addition to using the Hokkaido seals and bear meat, seals curry canning , bear curry canned . "Surströmming" (fermented canned herring), which is made in Sweden and is said to be the most odorous food in the world , has also become a hot topic.

Canning is a trend ?!

In this way, various types of canned foods have been released, and canned foods have come to our attention in various places.

In addition, due to the popularity of canned bars such as mr.kanso, the number of times they are featured in media such as television and magazines has increased dramatically. These things have led to the current canning boom, where canning has become the leading role.

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