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Canned Hassaku Orange
はっさく オランゲ

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The refreshing scent and bittersweetness become a habit

“Shimanatsusaku” was canned freshly, blessed with the sea breeze of the Seto Inland Sea and three suns, on Omishima, one of the islands that the Shimanami Kaido passes through, is fresh.
Hassaku, which the producers carefully raised, is “delicious!!” It’s just one word. The secret of that “deliciousness” is…

1.3 Suns
The “Three Suns” peculiar to this region are the warmth of stone walls (step fields for cultivation on sloping land), glare and the sun in the sky where the sun reflects in the sea.
The island Hassaku, which received these blessings, is juicy and sweet.
Of course, there is a bitterness unique to Hassaku, but its bitterness is also a habit.

2. The love of the producers
I take care of it diligently for a year and raise it carefully.
In addition, Hassaku, who grew up, will also carefully inspect and ship one ball.

The canned production method is also as much as possible, so that you can enjoy the taste and texture close to Hassaku of raw fruits, so the sugar content of the syrup is one level lower than ordinary canned Hassaku.
With a little less acidity, you can enjoy a moderate bitterness and crispy texture.

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