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Canned Hot Sandwich Ingredients Chicken Mayonnaise
ホットサンドの具 チキンマヨネーズ味

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Canned food for camping only

The canned food “Hot Sand Series” exclusively for camping and outdoors has been released.
If you have bread and a hot sandwich maker, you can easily make an authentic hot sandwich.

It’s just sandwiched between bread and baked, so it’s perfect for camping and outdoors.

If you like, you can add vegetables such as lettuce and avocado, or cheese together, it will be even more delicious.

Chicken mayonnaise flavor

It’s a rich flavored with mayonnaise and garlic flavor.
Because it is an ingredient of a hot sandwich, it has a firm and strong taste.

I made a hot sandwich

In the picture, I’m using one can, but it’s well seasoned, so it might be good to put other ingredients and just half of the canned food in one hot sandwich.

It is also delicious as an ingredient for toast.

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