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Canned Jaga Bacon Cheese Sauce
Jaga 培根芝士酱味
じゃがベーコン チーズソース味


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Product Features

It is a canned food inspired by Swiss cheese fondue using potatoes from Hokkaido.
It’s a rich sauce made by blending four kinds of cheese in fragrantly fried potatoes and diced bacon.
If you put it on a liquor ate or a bucket, you can enjoy it deliciously.
The package is also pop and cute, and it is also recommended as a gift.

Potato bacon to decorate the table

What shall we have for dinner today?
Also, I don’t have enough side dishes.
In such a case, “canned potato bacon and cheese sauce” will make your dining table more luxurious!
The rich cheese sauce will go well with the bucket.
If you take it out of the can and put it on a plate, it’s a gem.

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