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Canned Pudding

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The old-fashioned egg flavor is delicious.

It’s Imuraya’s “can pudding” which is famous for its azuki bar.

It seems that it has been on sale since 1968, and it is made in the same way as at that time.

A strong egg flavor with eggs made in Japan.

It is hardened with the power of eggs, so it has a firm old-fashioned texture.
It comes with caramel sauce.

It’s a set of 6 cans, so it’s perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

Product Description
Product name: Old-fashioned canned pudding
Contents: 75g with additional caramel sauce
Shelf life: 1 year
Ingredients: Chicken eggs (Japan), foods mainly from milk (domestic production), sugar, caramel sauce, malted dextrin / processed starch, flavoring, caramel pigment, (some contain eggs and milk ingredients) Allergic ingredients: eggs, milk

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