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Canned Rice with minced Sea Bream

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Uses domestic sea bream , Elegant and light taste. Canning bar mr.kanso Original canned food developed by Mr.kanso , domestic canned food made in Japan.

Great for emergency food

Most canned foods have a strong taste, but this canned has a light taste, so it is also useful as an emergency food.

Sprinkle soup stock or tea

You can put canned rice in a bowl, sprinkle with soup stock or tea, and enjoy it even more deliciously as sardines and chazuke.

Raw material name

  • Name: Rice
  • Ingredient names: Rice (domestic), sea bream, soy sauce (wheat and soybeans are included in some of the ingredients)
  • Contents: 150g
  • Best-by date: Listed at the bottom of the can bottom
  • Preservation method: Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

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