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Chicken and Mandarin Orange Boil in Tomato sauce

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Ehime / Nanyo brand chicken “Hamasen chicken” with outstanding freshness and freshly picked citrus fruits made from pesticide-reduced cultivation are packed tightly in cans.
You can easily enjoy the “canned” taste of the area.
It is delicious to eat as it is, but you can arrange it into an easy and moving original many with a little effort.

Product name : Korokorohama Chidori and mandarin oranges boiled in tomato
Internal capacity : 150g
Expiry date : 1 year

◎ The combination of soft and juicy chicken wings and lotus root with different texture, and the acidity of tomato sauce enhances the taste.
◎ You can warm the contents and enjoy it as it is or Arranged dishes such as salad of seasonal vegetables

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