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Yoshinoya Rice Set
吉野家 缶飯

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Yoshinoya’s “first” emergency preserved food “canned rice” is born!

The combination of high-performance brown rice “Kin no Ibuki” and Yoshinoya beef bowl is the first “canned rice” that can be eaten without warming. 3 years after production. “Kin no Ibuki” has high nutritional value, 7.8 times more dietary fiber and 26 times more vitamin E than white rice, making it ideal as a nutritious food even in the event of a disaster.


Beef Bowl Rice 160g × 1 can
Pork Bowl Rice 160g × 1 can
Grilled Chicken Bowl Rice 160g × 1 can
Grilled beef Bowl Rice 160g × 1 can
Pork ginger grilled Rice160g × 1 can
Baked salt mackerel Rice160g × 1 can

Expiry date

3 years including the manufacturing date at room temperature (We will deliver products with a remaining expiration date of 2 years or more)

* You can enjoy it at room temperature, but you can enjoy it even more delicious in a water bath for about 10 minutes. When warming in a water bath, the can is hot, so be careful not to get burned when taking it out or opening it.

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