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Canned Genghis Khan (Mutton)
成吉思汗 (羊肉)

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Genghis Khan, a local dish of Hokkaido

■ What is Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan (Genghis Khan) is a grilled meat dish made with mutton, lamb, and other types of mutton and vegetables.

From the sound of the name, it seems to be a foreign cuisine such as Mongolia, but it is a Japanese dish born in Japan.

Mutton is healthy and highly nutritious, making it a popular dish among health-conscious people and those on a diet. This “Genghis Khan Canned Food” allows you to casually enjoy such Genghis Khan cuisine at any time.

■ The taste

This canned Genghis Khan has the seasoning that is eaten in the home of Hokkaido.It has a fairly strong flavor, so it is perfect as a side dish for rice or as a snack with alcohol. Smellof mutton is moderate.

It is also recommended to stir-fry with onions, bean sprouts and cabbage and eat it like the original Genghis Khan.

Product details
Product name Genghis Khan
Total amount of contents  70g
Sell by 36 months from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name Mutton, seasoning liquid (soy sauce, sugar, vegetables (garlic, ginger, carrot, green onion, onion), brewed vinegar, chili pepper, pepper) / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, thickener (xanthan gum), (one contains wheat, soybeans, and apples)
Storage method Store at room temperature away from sunlight and high temperature After opening the packaging should change another container stored in the refrigerator and consumed as quickly as possible

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