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Canned Spicy Mala Mackerel

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Shimizu food × Shinjuku Nakamuraya

Canned mackerel with authentic spicy curry jointly developed

An authentic curry canned mackerel jointly developed by Shimizu Foods and Nakamuraya. Using domestically caught mackerel, the curry recipe was assembled by Nakamuraya’s head chef, and adjusted to match the canned mackerel while firmly expressing Nakamuraya’s uniqueness based on Nakamuraya’s authentic hemp curry flavor.

Finished with a deep taste of spicy and fragrant. You can eat it as a snack as it is, but you can also enjoy it deliciously by putting it on rice or bread.

Product details
Product name Pickled mackerel seasoning (mala flavor)
Total amount of contents  150g
Sell by 36 months from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name mackerel (domestic), sautéed onion, sugar, rapeseed oil, starch syrup, chili oil, chili bean sauce, miso, soy sauce, dried onion, garlic powder, spices, fish sauce, fried garlic, curry powder, dried bonito powder, bean paste, salt, Onion skin powder/spice extract, red pepper pigment, (contains mackerel, sesame, soybeans, and wheat in part)
Storage method Store at room temperature away from sunlight and high temperature After opening the packaging should change another container stored in the refrigerator and consumed as quickly as possible

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