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Canned K&K Squid and Mentaiko

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The squid (official name: Kensaki squid) caught off the coast of Yobuko, Genkai, Kyushu was squid made by Fukuya in Hakata. The soft texture of Yobuko’s squid and the mentaiko are entwined with each other to create a delicious taste. As this is a limited-time product, it may be discontinued without notice from the manufacturer. In that case, don’t miss this special canned.

Product information

K & K Can Tsuma Kyushu Ika Menta (Kantsuma Ika Mentaiko Ikamentai Ikamentaiko) / Canned foods / Brand: K & K Can Tsuma / [Distributor, Manufacturer, Importer or Distributor] Kokubu Group Headquarters / (/ F254001 /) / [ K & K Can Tsuma Kyushu Squid Meita Product Details]

● Sake will improve with side dishes.

● For cans, we will continue to stick to carefully selected ingredients that match sake, manufacturing methods that make use of the ingredients, and menu creation.

● A dish that is spicy and spicy with Hakata spicy cod roe that you want to catch in Kyushu.

● It goes well with beer, shochu, and sake. / cate45780

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