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Canned Small Sardines Pickled in Oil- Amano Hashidate (Premium Canned)
天の橋立印 オイルサーディン

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Product features

The “Kintaru Shin Iwashi” used in this Heavenly Hashidate Oil Sardine is a sardine that lives in the inland sea “Asoumi” surrounded by the Heavenly Hashidate.
It’s small, but it’s plump and fat, and it has a very good greasy paste.
The sardines that have been neatly trimmed during manufacturing are carefully lined up, and each one is undamaged and glossy.
Unlike ordinary oil sardines, Heavenly Hashidate’s oil sardines are almost completely undamaged.
“Takenaka Canning” is all processed by hand without relying on machines.
Oil sardines are made from olive oil, etc., but “Canned Takenaka” is very light because it uses cottonseed oil (oil taken from cotton seeds).
The sardines themselves have no unpleasant fish habits, and are very elegant oil sardines that are worth the price.
In recent years, the catch has been extremely low, making it a high-class fish that is rarely found on the market.

Taste characteristics

“Kanataru sardines” caught in the sea near Japan are pickled in oil.
This Heavenly Hashidate Oil Sardine is a special oil sardine.
First of all, the sardines are different from the moment you open them, and you can see the politeness of the work by looking at the neatly arranged sardines.
It is a very delicious oil sardine with a crispy texture and a refreshing and elegant seasoning.


Description of item
Product name Heavenly Hashidate Oil Sardine
Solid amount 65g
Total amount of contents 105g
Sell ​​by 3 years from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name Sardines, cottonseed oil, salt, bay leaves
Preservation method Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible.

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