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Canned Hachinohe Mackerel Yuzu Pepper Flavor
八戸サバ缶 ゆずこしょう

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Hachinohe mackerel can Yuzu kosho

The refreshing scent of yuzu and the spicy spiciness of pepper (chili pepper) make it addictive.

Since its launch in March 2018, we have continued to sell it only at souvenir shops in Aomori Prefecture and real stores such as antenna shops in Aomori Prefecture, with the desire to “want many people to visit Aomori”. Now you can get in mr.kanso store around you !

Product information

Raw material name Ingredients: mackerel (from Hachinohe Port), yuzu pepper, salt / yuzu flavor, seasoning (amino acid)
Specific raw materials other than the above Mackerel
Producing area (final processing area) Aomori Prefecture
Internal capacity 1 can (180g)
Size / dimensions / weight Size: 85✕85✕45mm Weight: 180g
Sales period / number of sales Year-round
Sell ​​by 3 years from manufacture


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