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Yoshinoya Canned Beef Rice
吉野家 缶飯牛丼

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Yoshinoya is one of Japan’s most famous fast food chains, specialising in gyudon beef bowls with a motto that bills itself as “tasty, low-priced and quick”.

Now they’re taking their company motto into bold new territory with their first-ever line of canned Yoshinoya rice bowls, which come ready-to-eat and require no cooking, so all you have to is pop the top, grab your chopsticks, and dig in.

While Yoshinoya bowls usually contain white rice, the canned versions contain brown rice, specifically the Kin no Ibuku variety of rice grown in Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture. They also come with a shelf life of three years, as these are designed to be kept on hand as emergency supplies for disaster preparedness

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