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Mentaiko Pickled in Oil

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The spicy “Aji no Mentaiko” grains are combined with cottonseed oil to create a mild and rich taste while retaining the spiciness of the base.
It is delicious because it is made into a can by absorbing the taste of mentaiko with oil.
The grain is very firm, but the mouthfeel is moist and smooth. The surprising texture that the grains spread out the moment you put it in your mouth is unique to oil pickles.
Originally, mentaiko and oil are compatible with each other, and by using “cottonseed oil”, which is an oil that can be obtained only in a very small amount from cottonseed oil, it has a refreshing aftertaste without any habit.
Please enjoy the new taste of mentaiko, such as richness, umami, and texture, made by pickling in oil.
Can be stored at room temperature for 3 years. Great for souvenirs and gifts!

“Can Mentaiko oil pickled” was introduced on the outing media “aumo”!

Internal capacity 85g
Best-by date Room temperature 3 years
Main raw material / place of origin Mentaiko Spicy / Russia / America
raw materials Cod roe (domestic production (Alaska pollack egg, salt, chili, etc.)), cottonseed oil / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), antioxidant (VC), niacin, color former (Na nitrite)
Allergy specific raw materials none
Exterior size 78 x 78 x 35 mm
Preservation method Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. After opening, transfer to another container, put in the refrigerator, and consume as soon as possible.

* After opening the can, consume as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

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