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Canned Whale Ajillo

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The second collaborative development with Tsuji Gakuen Cooking and Confectionery College in
Nakanoshima, Osaka!

Mushrooms and olive oil with garlic were added to salted whale meat and stewed in a can. Ahjilo
is a Western-style canned. It’s goes well with both red and white wines, because it has a garlic flavor.

It is a product of “Kinoya Ishinomaki” recommended by Kazushi.

Product details
Product name Whale Ahjilo
Solid amount 90 g
Total amount of contents  150 g
Sell by 3 years from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name Beard whale, edible olive oil, garlic,
mushroom pepper, salt, soy sauce, chicken
seasoning powder / emulsifier, seasonings
(amino acids, etc.), antioxidants (V, C), citric acid, coloring agents (caramel, caratinoid), flavors, (Some include milk ingredients, wheat, chicken, beef, pork, gelatin, soy sauce, and sesame)
Storage method Store at room temperature away from sunlight and high temperature After opening the packaging should change another container stored in the refrigerator and consumed as quickly as possible

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