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Canned Boiled Salmon Bones

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Canned salmon bones boiled in water using coho salmon from Miyagi Prefecture.

The bones are soft and flaky, and there is plenty of soft and melty meat from the coho salmon.

Calcium is also 2,700 mg per can, which is about 11 times the amount of calcium in one bottle of milk.

It can enjoy it as it is, but it is also the best combination as an ingredient for salads, pasta, and fried rice.

Product details
Product name Boiled middle bones of silver salmon
Total amount of contents  180 g
Sell by 36 months from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name salmon bones, salt
Storage method Store at room temperature away from sunlight and high temperature After opening the packaging should change another container stored in the refrigerator and consumed as quickly as possible

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