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Canned Tonight's side dish Hijiki EO
羊栖菜 EO 罐头
今夜のおかず ひじき EO缶

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Hijiki (ヒジキ, 鹿尾菜 or 羊栖菜, hijiki) (Sargassum fusiforme, syn. Hizikia fusiformis), sometimes called hiziki, is a brown sea vegetable growing wild on rocky coastlines of East Asia.

Hijiki has been a part of the Japanese culinary sphere and diet for centuries. It is rich in dietary fiber and essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. According to Japanese folklore, hijiki aids health and beauty, and thick, black, lustrous hair is connected to regular consumption of small amounts.

Product details
Product name Hijiki
Total amount of contents  104g
Sell by 36 months from manufacture
Country of origin Japan
Raw material name hijiki seaweed, soy sauce (including wheat), soybeans (not genetically modified), sugar, mirin, vegetable oil, fried tofu, seasonings (amino acids, etc.)
Storage method Store at room temperature away from sunlight and high temperature After opening the packaging should change another container stored in the refrigerator and consumed as quickly as possible

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