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Okinawa Koregusu Chili Oil
わした こーれーぐーす

150 g RM29.00

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A simple seasoning made by pickling chili peppers in awamori. It can be used not only for Okinawa soba but also for pasta and pots, so it is recommended for everyday dining. This product is extremely rare to find outside of Japan because it is speciality Chili Oil from Okinawa.

[Single product information]

Product name: Wata Koregusu

Name: Chili seasoning

Ingredient name: Sake (awamori), chili pepper, vinegar

Contents: 150g

Best-by date: 365 days from manufacture

Storage method: Room temperature (Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity)

Seller: Okinawa Prefectural Bussan Corporation

Product size: 140 x 50 (diameter) mm

Container type: Bottle

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