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Canned Oden (Ganmo , Radish)

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Item description

“Oden cans with daikon radish 280g” is a full-fledged oden that has been finished to a light taste by taking advantage of the characteristics of the freshly scrutinized raw materials. Canned also contains radish, quail eggs, konjac, etc. One konjac is skewered to make it easier to eat, and when warmed, it will be even more delicious. Please use it as a snack for sake and beer, a side dish for rice, and as an emergency food or preserved food.

Total content: 280g

Best-by date: Approximately 36 months (from the date of manufacture)

Ingredients: Konnyaku, Satsumaage, Ganmodoki, Chikuwa, Daikon, Uzura egg, Protein hydrolyzate, Sugar, Kelp, Soy sauce, Katsushika extract, Salt, Reduced malt sugar, Solbit, Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Emulsifier, (Ingredients) Includes wheat, soybeans, satsuma, and gelatin


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